Mike Letchworth's Big 304 going in his '50 Ford Shoebox
Big Shneider 270F Cam, Hollow Lifters, Polished Stainless Valves

Brent's 286 cubic inch 59A for his '34 Ford Pickup
New Eddie Meyer Heads and Intake Polished by me
Howards M-6 Cam, Original Stromberg 97's

Full Race 59A for Lane Myers' '35 Ford Coupe for the GNRS

Frank Cravotta's 60 over Mercury Flathead
for is super nice '50 Ford Shoebox
Clay Smith split duration Cam !

Garnet's Full Race Isky 400jr Cam 276 59A
for his '29 Ford Coupe in Canada

Mario Sanchez' .060 over bored 1950 Mercury for his '50 Tudor

A Display Flathead for Steve Wise' "Man Cave" he built IN his shop!!!

Garry Wilhelm's Clay Smith Cam 276 for his 1988 Bronco II (yep)

Brian Neil's Full Race 304 Flathead for his '29 Ford truck

Anthony Ursini's 276 8BA for his Wife's 1947 COE Ford Truck !

Paul Jennings of Columbus, Mississippi gets a 276 cubic inch 8BA Flathead
for his frame off restoration of a 1947 Ford Truck
Original Offenhauser Heads, New Intake, Original Rebuilt Stromberg 97's
Clay Smith 3/4 Cam, Ported Out Block, Full Flow Oil Set-Up and a
Vintage Air AC kit

A Big Go Cat 304 Flathead short block with Polished parts by Me
for Gary James' 1927 Ford Roadster in South Texas

Are those SWEET or What!?!

Call: (720) 284-1790 or Email at info@gocatspeedshop.com

Go Cat Speedshop Testimonials
"I was looking for someone to build me a nice Flathead motor for my
1931 Model A project and came across an add for Go Cat Speedshop
on Craigslist. The prices seemed very reasonable so I replied to the add
and spoke to Eric about the engine. I was a little worried about the
distance but after talking to Eric I went ahead and ordered a full race
276 Flathead. I found Eric to be very helpful and easy to talk to so
felt very comfortable trusting him to build the engine I wanted. The
build went very smoothly and stayed on budget. On completion of the
build Eric worked with me to arrange the shipping and managed to get the
engine shipped to my door. The engine looks great in my 31 Coupe and I
look forward to driving it early next year when the car is complete.
Eric is always very happy to help with any questions I had about the
engine and we have stayed in contact after the build was complete. I am
happy to have Eric as a friend. I would highly recommend Go Cat
Speedshop to anyone who's looking for a great engine at a great price."
Thanks Karl Underwood

"Being in So.Cal. there were a couple of obvious choices for getting a flathead
(no names mentioned here but you know...) After a lot of research I found Eric
and GoCatspeedshop and became convinced he could build as good or better
than his So.Cal competitors AND save me some money. What I didn't realize
was the personal attention I was going to get both during the build and after.
Eric built me a great motor right on budget, (much more reasonable than the
others), and I couldn't be happier. Starts like a well tuned VW, (barely click
the starter), fast as a scalded cat, and runs cool as can be. What else could
you ask for? In addition he calls me or texts me periodically to make sure every-
thing is running as it should. Always there ready for my silly tech support
questions and if I need a weird bolt or something he sends it out that day,
usually at no charge. If you want a bitchin, dependable flathead I don't know
why anyone would go anywhere else."
Scott MacMaster

....Scott, you're too kind!....now was that a case of Coronas or Pacificos?
a Crate of Limes to go with them is on it's way !

"I decided to go with a built flathead engine for my 1937 Ford. I shopped
around and found GoCat Speed Shop. After both emailing and talking with
Eric on the phone, I chose GoCat to build my engine. Eric listened and
helped me choose my engine options. I believe that Eric saved me money
in the process. I am grateful for people like Eric who are keeping the flathead
engine alive!"
Don Boggan

"Thanks for taking the time initially to respond to my multitude of Flathead
questions. I appreciated the fact that you took the time to answer each of them,
regardless of how elementary they may have seemed. You see, I am new at the
Flathead thing and was really looking for someone who I could trust and would
take the time to work with me to make sure I got what I was wanting. I like the
way you didn't "Tell me what I needed", instead you asked what I wanted and
more importantly how I'd be using it. After all, this motor is going in a gennie
roadster that will be with my family well beyond my years.
Mechanically, you hit the nail on the head with the motor you built me.
The camshaft is wickedly nice, just as I demanded, however still tame enough
to be the daily driver it needed to be.
Cosmetically, WOW!! What a gorgeous engine. Your attention to detail is worth
taking note.
From the beginning of the process, to the shipping of the motor (nice crate too),
to the answering the phone or email EVERY time I needed you.... I just wanted
to say thanks!
I appreciate the fact the you said what you were gonna do, and then you did what
you said you were gonna do. Not enough of your kind out there anymore.
I look forward to stopping by Colorado and giving you a ride in my baby!"
regards, Sheldon Hefler, Louisiana

"Eric, I saw the testimonials and wanted mine included as it too was unsolicited.
I contacted Eric in the fall of 2009 and we chatted about a built flathead. I had been
to several ford forums and had been contacted by some featured on TV flathead
builders. However I was building a daily driver and was not prepared to spend the cost
of a total vehicle rebuild on an engine. Eric was reasonable to deal with, I personally
visited his shop in Colorado, we inked a deal and the engine was in my driveway in
Florida as promised, December 22nd. The best Christmas present ever. I had to head
north to Canada for a contract job so have not yet had the opportunity to install the
engine yet, but looking forward to the big day.
Thanks again Eric"
Jim Robinson

Gosh, Thanks Jim !!!

Email to: