Steve Barker of New Zealand gets a big 304 cubic inch
Flathead for his bitchin' '39 Ford Coupe !
Full Relief, hogged out, port-matched runners, Isky 400jr Cam

Tim Farr in Missouri's 259 3/4 race Flathead for his '35 Ford Pickup
Clay Smith fresh reground cam, heavily ported out,
Polished Edelbrock heads and intake, Holley 94's

Dwight Schneider's Isky 400jr 276 Merc Flathead for his '32 5-window Coupe!

Tommy Krakowiak's 3/4 Race 276 for his Barn Find '39 Woody in Rhode Island

Ken Odey's big 304 Flathead for his '31 Model A Roadster
Rare Eddie Meyer water cooled intake, new 97's

Jaime Larson's full race 286 Flathead for his '49 Ford pickup

Ed Korpus' full race 286 Flathead for his '49 Merc Coupe

Rod Gaskill's 276 59A for his Rust Free rare '32 B-400

Jeremy Burns' full race 276 8BA for his Chopped '32 Ford

Dale Kratochvil's Rebuilt Flathead for his '50 Ford

Bob Padilla's Big 304 8BA Flathead for his 1950 Ford F-1 Truck

Russ Mansor's Big 304 Flathead for his '31 Coupe

Steve Nicolosi's 3/4 Race 276 for his Model A Tudor

Randolf Kwasniak's Full Race 59A 276 for his '34 Ford Coupe
over in South Africa!

Ed Pink's Full Race 304 c.i. Go Cat Flathead
for his '36 Ford Coupe he raced 'back in the day'

Tommy Hadaway's 3/4 Race 276 8BA for his '49 Ford Coupe

Fernando Plata's Full Race Blown Flathead!
304 cubic inch, Isky 400jr Cam, 7 lbs of boost !

Brian Anderson's Full Race 276
purposely "patina'd" for his '31 Roadster

Full Race 304 8BA Flathead for Tim's '40 Ford Pickup
Original Offy "Super" Intake and Weiand Heads

Blown 304 cubic inch Flathead for Dino in Australia
going in his Chopped Custom '50 Mercury Coupe