Joe's 3/4 Cam 255 for his '40 Mercury

Gene Marable Sr.'s 3/4 Race Old School 286 (Stroked Merc) for his F-1 Truck

Paul's full race 276, Sharp Heads, Almquist Intake !

Gustapo's 259 ci Flathead for his '50 Ford Truck

Philip's Big 304 cubic inch Flathead for his 1929
Ford Roadster out in Perris, California!

Rick Goodman's Potvin 3/4 race Cam 276 for his '49 F-1 Pickup!

Mike Pernal's Purple People Eater 276 Full Race Mercury Flathead
going in his Black '50 Merc Monterey Coupe to compliment the
Purple Flames on the hood !

James in Wellington New Zealand's 3/4 race 276 for his sweet '39 Ford Pickup

Gary Lewis' 259 Ford 59A Flathead also for his '39 Truck

New Hampshire's John Zanellis' 276 Short Block
He's adding a blower kit from my good friend Joe Abbin

Another Flathead going to New Hampshire for Shaker Valley Auto!
Isky Max1 276 Flathead, Hollow Lifters, Ported Out
8BA Block going in a 1940 Ford Convertible

Toby Stanford of The Hot Rod Shop in Yucca Valley California's
Full Race 276 Mercury Flathead for a new Dearborn Deuce roadster

Norm Berg of Denver and his 245 cubic inch rebuilt Flathead
for his 1952 Ford pickup being restored.