Marcus Edell's Full Race 304 for his '34 5-window Coupe
This Flathead won Best Of Show in the Suede Palace and a Club
Pick Award at the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show

Dean from New York's Full Race 276 59A-B
for his Model A Coupe

Carl Elliot's Howards M-6 Cam'd 276 Short Block
for his '50 Ford Shoebox

Jeff in St.Paul's 400jr 276 for his Brookville '32 Roadster !

Josh Gillum's 60 over Flathead for his Model A Coupe

Tim Brown in LA is getting a Wicked
Go Cat 276 Blown Flathead for his '36 Ford Truck!

Bill Wolf's Big 304 Go Cat Flathead for his
Show Condition Model A Coupe

Malcom's Full Race Flathead !

(too much fuel pressure, no regulator in the video clip)

Brian Chamberlan's Full Race 276 Flathead for his
Nostalgic Black '32 Ford Roadster in San Diego

Bill Newman's Howards M-6 Cam in his 3/4 Race 276 Mercury Flathead !

Mick and Donna of Perth, Australia's 3/4 Race 276 going in their '36 Ford