Buy New Stromberg 97's Right Here through Go Cat !

Each 97 is $449.00
"Barn Find", Black, Chrome and Big Flow 97's available as well.
Email with exactly what style 97s and how many you'd like.
Free Go Cat T-shirt and Stickers with each New 97 order.
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Rebuilt Holley 94s and now 97's !
Single, 2, 3, 4 and even 6 deuce set ups!

Many different stampings were put on the float bowls of '94's throughout
the years, and there were three types of internal air metering nozzles
inside. I Match carb bodies and internals for all of my 2/3/and 4 Carb set
ups plus jet them appropriately to the engine being built and the altitude
you live in, mile high or down to sea level.
All Carb Body mating surfaces are filed flat then the bodies are Bead Blasted.
Internal Parts are chemically cleaned and rebuilt using the best rebuild
kits available.
I also plug the Power Valve in the back carb of a 2-deuce set up and both outer
carbs in a 3-deuce set up depending on the Cubic Inch of your Engine.
One Power Valve is enough to enrich 255 cubes, so more than one will run too rich.
Most of my '94's are painted Hi-Temp Aluminum, or can be Painted in a different
color per your request.
Note: '97's flow about 150 cfm, '94's about 165
$250 for a Refurbished Show Condition '94, or $200 with Your good Core.


Call: (720) 284-1790 or Email at

Custom Polishing, Call for Pricing